Lipocavitation, Electrostimulation, Firming & Lifting Treatments in Montreal!

Lipocavitation, Electrostimulation, Firming, Lifting & Anti Age Treatments in Montreal!

  • Ultrasonic Lipocavitation & Electrostimulation

  • Instant Inch-Loss

  • Non-Invasive Fat Removal

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Body Sculpting | Slimming Treatments

  • Anti Age Facial Treatments

Ultrasonic Lipocavitation & Electrostimulation

Lipocavitation was developed as an alternative to surgical liposuction. It is a safer, non invasive, painless, no down time, no side effects or health risks.

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With so many different forms of lipocavitation available on the market, it can become difficult to distinguish between them.

Our treatment is one of the most effective you’ll find in the world. Using the latest and safest ultrasound technology, we can efficiently remove stubborn fat from any area of the body. Then using innovative muscle stimulation, we send the useless fat cells to the renal system where it is removed from the body comfortably and naturally through the urinary track.

Directly from Europe. The VIP Lipo Line Duo is a state of the art non-surgical slimming and the latest most advanced technology created by VIP Italia, a pioneer in creating personalized, scientific and innovative solutions for the most widespread cosmetic problems in beauty and aesthetic medicine in the world who have been in business for over 45 years.

This is the first machine of its kind in Montreal imported directly from Italy and is the latest technology in the line of non-surgical Lipo equipment by VIP Italia. The Lipo Line Duo is offering 5 different treatments in one. It gives us the possibility to personalize your treatment according to your needs, helping to fight all face and body beauty problems. The combination of several different treatments leads to wonderful results, even in very difficult cases.

Ultrasonic Lipocavitation & Electrostimulation Montreal

*** the results can vary from one person to another depending on their lifestyle

We Offer The Following Treatments

  • Ultrasonic Lipocavitation: for destruction of fatty cells (non surgical liposuction treatment)

  • Transion : Slimming & Firming Treatment for muscular stimulation

  • Isogei : Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment for lifting, firming and strengthening skin

  • Linfogei : Lymphatic & Venous (Saphena) Drainage

  • Microgei : Micro-current Facial to firm, tighten tone and reverse the signs of aging
  • Sunflower: Photo-biostimulation against skin ageing