Measurable results after just one session!*

Lipocavitation and Electrostimulation

Achieve the same results as liposuction, yet it is completely non-invasive with no down-time!!! Liposuction without surgery!

Lipocavitation and Electrostimulation

The combined effects of lipocavitation and electrostimulation treatments are visible right from the first session. Believe it or not, it is possible to lose between 2 to 5 cm of your circumference no matter which area of your body you wish to treat.*

These amazing results add up with each session ! Imagine your silhouette after 10 sessions ?

Do you know of any other treatment that delivers a slimming of one or two sizes with no sweat? The elimination of flabby thighs? The resculpting of the waistline? The removal of fat lodged on the tummy or the arms ?

If you’re a man or woman who can’t eliminate those stubborn bulges through healthy exercise and diet, and don’t want to undergo surgery, then this nonsurgical fat reduction technique may be for you. Because it’s a non surgical fat removal method, there’s no downtime.

Lipocavitation is based on a high tech way of destroying fat in the areas of the stomach, thighs, bottom and arms without the pain associated with other cosmetic treatments.

A revolutionary technology that through ultrasound waves tuned to a low frequency produces microscopic bubbles that break the membranes of adipocytes (fat cells), without affecting other adjacent structures, respecting the integrity of circulatory and lymphatic system.

The released fat is then eliminated gradually by the body in two to three days thanks to the normal process of energy production and lymphatic drainage.

The results which can be obtained are obvious after the first session: accumulations of fat and cellulite are eliminated.

The treatment is best suited for the average to moderately overweight person who has a healthy lifestyle.

This treatment can be used in conjunction with our skin tightening treatment for optimum results. Talk to us about creating a toning and tightening package to suit you.

Before & After

*** The results may vary person to person depending on their lifestyle
Slimming with Ultrasonic Lipocavitation

How lipocavitation works?

Measurable results after just one session!*

This is the first part of the treatment which breaks down fat cells using a safe and gentle ultrasonic wave. This treatment is both relaxing and pleasant. Ultrasonic lipocavitation is the new beauty treatment that replaces liposuction without going under the knife.

Ultrasonic lipocavitation is non-invasive, painless, discrete, scarless, with no recovery time and is highly effective. Ultrasound is the only proven effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment for long term weight loss and a more defined body contour.

Cavitation for fat reduction and weight loss works with applying ultrasound waves to the area which melts the fat beneath the epidermis layer, forcing fat cells to release triglycerides which are then processed by the body’s natural fat burning process. This fat is often difficult to budge and cannot be removed with any diet.

The fat cells are destroyed and are expelled as body tissue waste. The results are, less fat in the treated area with immediate visible inch loss and reduction in body circumference.

Clients are first measured before the treatment. Measurement continues at various stages throughout the course of treatment.
After a session of cavitation the liquefied fat is drained via the lymphatic system with electrodes which aid in slimming and muscle firming

The lipocavitation treatment is totally painless, without any effects to the body’s internal organs and offers immediate results.

Clients can lose inches in the first session and inch loss continues in the days thereafter as your body processes the waste products, so results are progressive.

Normally with Ultrasound, Laser or Infrared lipo the patient is required to carry out exercise or lymphatic massage after the treatment, the Lipo Line Duo does all of that in one treatment without going under the knife.

At Health Zone we combine the Ultrasonic Lipocavitation treatment with a complete personalized program designed to eliminate the fat cells and liquid excess whilst firming and toning the muscle.


A unique form of advanced faradic muscular stimulation, the metabolism is excited through precise muscular movements.

* The results may vary person to person depending on their lifestyle

This drives the broken down fat cells through the lymphatic system and then to the bladder, enabling the stubborn fat to be eliminated the way nature intended. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it accelerates what your body naturally does when you lose weight.

Our treatments simply help your body along the way and the best bit is you see the results are measurable from the very first treatment!

Transion Slimming Treatment: Instant Inch Loss and firming. A localised and rapid inch loss treatment with muscle firming action for slimming and reshaping the face and body. This treatment suits clients who do not have a lot of fat to eliminate but wish to slim and tone.

Measurable results after just one session!*

Computerised muscle stimulation that perfectly accelerates the metabolism of fat and toning of major muscle groups in the face or body. Immediate and dramatic inch loss can be measured after the first treatment. This treatment is extremely beneficial for slimming the body precisely where it is needed. A course of treatments will effortlessly give rapid inch loss. An easy, affordable maintenance program will keep those unwanted inches away.

Our treatment works by stimulating the muscles using electrical impulses, which:

  • Targeted rapid slimming
  • Immediate inch loss
  • Non-invasive body reshaping/contouring
  • Targeted cellulite reduction
  • Muscle toning and firming
  • Aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage
  • Anti-aging non-invasive facial treatment
  • Non-invasive face lift
  • Non-invasive bum lift
  • Non-invasive breast lift
  • Non-invasive tummy lift
  • Quick and long lasting results visible in the very first treatment