Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic and Venous blood drainage – Linfogei

Lymphatic drainage is for a treatment for unsightly veins, cellulite, swellings and localised cosmetic problems due to poor circulation. It cleanses the entire system and eliminates toxins.

Linfogei is an exclusive detoxifying treatment that promotes effective lymphatic drainage in order to help with natural detoxification in the body. Better and faster results than Pressotherapy.

Specific electrodes are applied to certain body parts  – that will repeatedly tapping in the lymph nodes to create a high-strength and deep massaging effect that helps improve circulation and move lymph out of muscle tissue towards the heart.

This can help filter toxins and metabolic waste into the circulatory system rather than getting clogged up. While this is a process that happens naturally, by speeding up the rate, you can boost the speed of detoxification and achieve a faster clearance of unwanted toxins.


Linfogei is a non-invasive and scientifically proven method of refining your natural shape and improving your overall profile. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise is a good foundation for any aesthetic goals, but sometimes you need a helping hand to get your body functioning as it should.

With the help of a direct lymphatic massage to parts of your body, Linfogei is an ideal method of reducing cellulite, cutting down on stubborn areas of fat, and generally improving the flow of healthy nutrients to achieve greater natural vitality allowing your skin to shine through in all its blemish-free glory.


This revolutionary process gives your body’s natural functions a boost. If your goal is to break down excess fat, remove cellulite, reduce water retention and unclog your circulatory system, Linfogei could be the perfect treatment for you.

Even for those simply searching for health benefits, increased blood circulation and lymph flow is a great way to maintain good health and form, removing toxins from your body.


While inflammation is a natural reaction that occurs when the body undergoes damage to muscles or joints, long-term swelling can actually lead to serious health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. Due to Linfogei’s ability to improve blood flow, this treatment is highly effective in reducing swelling and its potentially harmful impact on your body.


This results in:

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increased bowel movements

  • Improved skin tone

  • Smoother skin, reduced orange peel effect

  • Relieves water retention

  • Helps blood circulation

  • Oedema treatment

  • Helps reduce cellulite & swelling

  • Rids you of toxins

  • Can be used as a prevention of the problems caused by bad circulation such as thread vein

Three main actions of lymphatic drainage are:

1) Stimulation of body fluid circulation: It activates lymph function and lymph circulation. Indirectly stimulates the blood
circulation of the Body (enhance blood capillaries resorption, increase pulsation of capillaries, activate venous circulation).

2) Stimulation of the immune system: the passage of lymph in the lymph nodes stimulates the immune system (the humoral as
much as well as the cellular immunity). The stimulation of lymph circulation activates antigen/antibody presentation and
immune reactions.

3) Nervous system: stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation effect, antispastic effects, muscle tonus, etc).
The constant stimulation of the C-fiber mechanoreceptors has inhibitory effects (analgesi -anti-pain-action).

Did you know that the human body has two circulatory systems?

These are the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Understanding the differences between these two systems makes it easier to understand the special difficulties encountered by the lymphatic system when any part of that system is not functioning properly.

Lymphatic Drainage System

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

  • Lymphatic drainage is best for edema (swelling)

  • Encourages lymph to flow more freely

  • Removes blockages along vessels and within nodes

  • Removes harmful toxins

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Helps to clear Lymphoedema and fluid retention

  • Helps to clear cellulite

  • Fats evacuate through lymphatic vessels

  • Chronic pain reduced

  • Circulation of lymph, blood capillaries, veins, interstitial liquids, and cerebrospinal and synovial fluids (indirectly) are activated

  • Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fracture or surgical-incision sites are improved