Transion Slimming and firming

Transion Slimming & Firming, Body Shaping, Cellulite removal. An effective method of body shaping and cellulite removal without exercise. A unique form of advanced faradic muscular stimulation, the metabolism is excited through precise muscular movements. 25 minutes of this technique equal to 3 hours of intense training.

This drives the broken down fat cells through the lymphatic system and then to the bladder, enabling the stubborn fat to be eliminated the way nature intended. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it accelerates what your body naturally does when you lose weight.

Our treatments simply help your body along the way and the best bit is you see the results are measurable from the very first treatment!

Transion Slimming & firming Treatment – Instant Inch Loss and firming. A localised and rapid inch loss treatment with muscle firming action for slimming and reshaping the face and body.

This treatment suits clients who do not have a lot of fat to eliminate but wish to get rid of cellulite, slim and tone.

Transion Slimming and firming

Our treatment works by stimulating the muscles using electrical impulses, which:

  • Restores muscle tone

  • Relieves muscle fatigue

  • Relieves fluid retention

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Increases metabolism

  • Increases energy levels

  • Improves skin tone

  • Helps blood circulation

  • Works on the areas you want to tone

  • Breaks down and reduces cellulite, body fat and rids you of toxins

With the unique equipment, in this procedure we combine muscle toning, electro, lymphatic drainage and lifting.

Only at Health Zone, we use special equipment for professional athletes, which is not usual in beauty salons. Most cosmetologists do not own such equipment.

Electrodes are attached to the muscles, they are filled with pulses of certain parameters, that cause the muscles to work as well as during exercise. As a result, there is an increase in muscle tone, fat loss, increased blood and lymph circulation in the area of stimulation. This allows us quickly remove excess water and substances in it, (easy draining effect) from the treated area.

These fluids are in circulation, and are removed after a short period of time, through the normal urinary system.

Consequently, the result of the procedure is the immediate reduction in centimeters in the treated area.

Moreover, muscular work activates metabolic processes in the whole body. As we know, muscles need energy to perform the movement, the energy comes from fat tissue that surrounds the stimulated area, immediately burning carbohydrates and then fats.

At the same time, due to induced muscle contraction, there is an immediate recovery of the muscle tone.

In just 25 minutes visible and measurable results

In just 25 minutes of work, we get visible and measurable in inches result,

In just 25 minutes of work, we get visible and measurable in inches result, already after the first course.You get a result without any sagging. Effect from one treatment remains about 3-4 days after the course of treatment is 6-8 months. After 6-8 months, we recommend you to repeat the procedures. Procedures are carried out in a day, and the whole course consists of 10 to 25 treatments. Normally, 11 procedures should be carried out, to restore the shape of one area.The rate of reduction is at least one size. To“ reduce „ more sizes , you require more treatments. After a course of procedures, we recommend you a supporting procedures 1-2 times a month.

With this procedure, you can strengthen every muscle group, in fact, this procedure may be more effective than exercise. When you do ordinary exercise, you include not all muscle fibers, but when you do this procedure, you get all your muscle cells to work. Also, lets get to the muscles, which are very deep and which are normally difficult to tone, for example, the muscles of the inner thigh.

Also, after this procedure, all toxins and other oxidation products are derived, muscles and do not accumulate lactic acid, which causes the characteristic pain after exercise. Simultaneously there is a huge strengthening of the cardiovascular and nervous system and increase of skin elasticity.

Synonyms of this procedure: neurostimulation, transion, miolifting, electrical. All of these words mean the same thing.

Energy consumption during muscle contraction – the key to weight loss.

It is obvious that with this magical procedure, you do not need to do a lot of exercises and you do not need to waste your time in gym. After only 15 minutes with our device, muscles receive the same load as in the 15-kilometer cross-country, even unbearable for many professional athletes! 25 minutes of this technique equal to 3 hours of intense training.

It is worth noting that, unlike exercises, this procedure is not accompanied whits the load on the heart.

So take care of your time and effort, do not torture yourself with diets and unloading days! Muscle tone – a system that has a general positive effect on the body and ensures a real and immediate results.

Transion slimming & firming procedure is suitable for :

  • The ladies who suffer from cellulite and excess fat,

  • People with overweight,

  • People with muscle weakness,

  • For “paging” skinny,

  • People with poor circulation,

  • Men and women with a sedentary lifestyle,

  • Weight loss from 0 to 30 kg and aesthetic correction of your problem areas.

Contraindications :

  • Blood diseases or tendency for bleeding

  • Poor circulation above the stage 2

  • Renal and hepatic failure

  • Neoplasm, pregnancy or active tuberculosis of the lungs and kidneys

  • Thrombophlebitis or kidney stones, bladder and gall bladder

  • Acute intraarticular damage or acute suppurative inflammation

  • Hypersensitivity to the current

What results should be expected after the procedure?

  • Build muscle mass, consequently, improves the metabolism

  • Increasing blood circulation and lymph flow

  • Breaks down local fat cells

  • Improving the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems

  • The removal of muscle tension

  • Pain relief

  • Rejuvenation of the body

  • Transion Slimming & Firming, Body Shaping, Cellulite removal

  • Restores tone fabrics (body lift, including stretching and postpartum weight change – they become less noticeable and start sunbathing)