What is ultrasonic lipocavitation

What is ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation (lipocavitation) is a non-invasive method of reducing localized fat using ultrasound, which also has the benefit of skin tightening. The ultrasonic waves vibrate and break up the fat cells, which are then liquefied and eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary system.

Is ultrasonic lipocavitation a safe treatment?

Yes, it is a non surgical procedure without anesthesia, it is non invasive (no cutting, no scars or no post-operative course) and it allows to make full social life both before and after the sessions.

Is ultrasonic cavitation (lipocavitation) painful?

No, lipocavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but do not cause pain. The heat caused by the equipment is perfectly tolerable. Some client’s may experience a slight “buzzing” sound in their ears from the ultrasonic waves, however this is not painful.

Is ultrasonic lipocavitation painful?

No, lipocavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but do not cause pain. The heat caused by the equipment is perfectly tolerable. Some client’s may experience a slight “buzzing” sound in their ears from the ultrasonic waves, however this is not painful.

Which are the areas where treatment is more effective?

All those areas with localized fat: thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are the most appropriate but there is no real limitation as to areas of the body.

How soon will I see results?

From the very first treatment, a difference in measurements will be logged. Real results show 3-4 days after each treatment as the body will eliminate gradually through urinary track.

Is ultrasonic cavitation a safe treatment?

Do I need to diet while having the treatment?

No.  A sensible diet will be enough to see amazing results. However, if a client does put on weight during the course of treatments the results won’t be as impressive.

How long will the treatment last?

It is impossible to quantify exactly how long results will be kept for. A course of treatments will ensure that the results are kept for the foreseeable future and a low-cost maintenance course will prolong the results more so.

How much does a course cost?

Prices purely depend on what work you would like done. We are committed to providing non-surgical solutions at a fraction of the cost. A consultation with one of our qualified staff members will determine a price for you. We offer very competitive package prices. Book your free consultation at 514-910-2304

Where does the fat go?

Melted cellulite and fat leave the body through natural processes. More specifically, it is eliminated by the body (liver and kidneys) just like a big fatty meal.

Does it last ?

Yes, if you follow up with a balanced diet and exercise regularly with 1 monthly maintenance treatment.

What are the side effects?

There are no side effects, except possible slight nausea after the treatment in extremely rare cases.

Which areas can be treated ?

The thighs, the waistline, the tummy, the back, the arms, the hips, fatty heaps. Only one requirement for lipocavitation treatment: to have a minimum of 1.5 cm of fat to get rid of.

Will I lose weight on the scales ?

You should not necessarily count on the scales to witness the results. You will be able to measure your progress as soon as you put on your clothes. Indeed, the more the treatment progresses the more comfortable you will feel in your jeans. You will even experience a decrease of up to two garment sizes.

How many sessions ?

Although the effects are visible right from the first session, you should count on 10 treatments for optimum long lasting results.

Can you lose weight with ultrasonic lipocavitation ?

Although this method of fat reduction can help to speed up the weight loss process when done in conjunction with diet and exercise, it is not a method to lose weight. Ultrasonic lipocavitation is used for body shaping, to reduce those stubborn fatty areas that don’t seem to budge regardless of diet or exercise. It is also used for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening on the body.

What are the contraindications of ultrasonic lipocavitation ?

There are no special contraindications, although those with cardiac and vascular diseases, pacemaker carriers, anyone with metal implants, cancer, immune problems, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid undergoing it. Abdomen treatment during menstruation should be avoided. Always consult a doctor if you are unsure if this treatment is suitable for you. A doctor’s certificate may be required for certain individuals.

Are the results of ultrasonic cavitation similar to those of liposuction ?

Yes, because it removes cellulite and fat preventing these from recurring in the treated areas, without damaging the vascular system.

The fat is a solid substance, how can it be eliminated through the urine ?

Because ultrasonic lipocavitation causes an emulsification of the fat, converting it into a substance easy to eliminate through the urine and the lymphatic system.

Must you follow any guidelines before or after undergoing ultrasonic lipocavitation ?

We recommend a high protein low carb diet and drink at least 1.5 liters of water before and after the session. Drinking water is a necessary part in order to eliminate the fat. Exercising for 30 mins after your treatment is recommended, however not essential as we follow each lipocavitation session by 25 minutes of electrostimulation to push the liquefied fat to the urinary system and tone the treated area.

How much time should elapse between each session of ultrasonic lipocavitation?

The body eliminates the fat of a session in 72 hours, so we recommend an interval of 3-4 days between sessions.

How many sessions are usually needed ?

Between 6 and 12 sessions depending on the person and the area being treated. You will see immediate results after the first session, and further results from the 3rd treatment onwards.

***You must be 18 years and over for this service***